Gymnastic's: Pistols.

If you have zero pistols:

1. With on leg forward, squat down on one leg and lower yourself onto a box. The higher the box the easier. Move onto the next progression once you can use a box that puts you below parallel.

2. The next assistance progression is holding onto a post while doing a full ROM pistol. Use thepost for balance and to pull yourself up. As that becomes easier stop using the post on the way down and only use it to help on the way up as minimally as you are able.

3. Pistol with band attached to the rig or a pistol holding a weight plate.

Try and avoid wedging the heel or getting into a position that does not replicate a pistol i.e leaning back as you squat down

6 Rounds

1 Min Rowing for calories

rest 30 seconds

1 Min of Burpee's

rest 30 seconds

1 Min of Double Unders

rest 30 seconds