Back Squat 3x10 - starting at approx 50% - we will be adding weight each week (8 weeks)

Chin Ups & Step Ups 3 x ME & 3 x8-12

If you can touch your chest to the bar on each rep then do it. You should really be feeling these in your lats.

If you can do them unassisted but only 1 at a time, then pepper in as many singles as you can in between sets of.

Scale: Supinated Body Row - using rig

Step Ups:

Start light enough to make 12 reps each rep without too much difficulty and move up in weight week to week from there. Use your non-dominant leg to set the weight and only do as much weight and as many reps as you can perform on that side. The end goal is to perform 8-12 reps on each leg with half of your back squat 1RM. Use a height that allows you to be at full depth (hip crease below knee) when the working leg is on the box. Goal at the end of 8 weeks is to be doing 12 with 50% of back squat

EMOM 20 Mins

1. 15-12 Cals rower

2. 50 Double Unders

3. 10 KB Swings + 10 KB SDHP

4. 30 Walking Lunges