+ Do I need to get fit before I start?

We cater for all fitness levels, and the exercises are tailored to you as an individual, so your fitness level is irrelevant.

+ What if I have never trained before?

Everything in our program is scalable – whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or you’ve never trained before. We ensure that everyone is taught the basics so you understand how your body should feel during different movements. Once the fundamentals are learned, intensity and weight are increased to ensure you progress. This allows everyone to do the same workout, without anybody being left behind.

+ What if I have never lifted weights before?

Lifting weights is vital for increasing strength, which is a fundamental component of any training program. Just because you haven’t lifted weights before does not mean you can’t take part in CrossFit.
In fact, it’s often easier to train people who haven’t used weights before, as they haven’t picked up bad habits that can be hard to correct.


We recommend that most of our members attend 3 classes per week to start. Results are highly individualized and depend on motivation, experience, current physical condition and many other factors. Some members get results with just two times per week, others enjoy the classes so much they build up to coming 4 or even 5 times per week!

+ do you offer personal training?

Yes, if you prefer 1 on 1 personal training, several of our trainers have availability for personal training. Email us for pricing and scheduling information.

+ do you offer nutritional advice?

We feel that nutrition is a huge part of health and fitness, and nutrition plays a large role in our program. We offer free nutrition and diet counselling to all new members. Each year we run nutritional challenges to help keep people motivated and working together on their lifestyle changes.

+ do you have showers?

Yes, bring a towel!