So you’ve been hitting it hard recently, everything is going in the right direction, you killed the past few classes and you’ve got the associated gains that go with your hard work.

Time to ease off a little.

What? But I’m on fire! I’m on a roll, don’t stop me now! (There’s a tune to go with that).

It may seem contradictory to everything you believe in. But taking some downtime, taking an extra rest day here and there is going to do you the world of good.

When you train, you put inevitable stress on your CNS (Central Nervous System). It’s one of the big areas of your body that makes fundamental adaptations when you train. But like your muscles, it gets tired and recovery is often overlooked in this area.

Typical signs that you’re CNS is run down can come in the following formats.

1- Not hitting weights you normally hit.
2- Struggling to wake up at your normal time
3- Feeling dejected and exhausted in a WOD that would normally be your jam.

Fortunately, like your muscles, you can combat this run down feeling with a little bit of rest.

Remember, the world’s best athletes often have a team of people looking after them ensuring that they are getting optimum neural recovery as well as muscular recovery. Try some of the following ideas if you’re not on top form recently.

Sleep more.

This is the number one cause in my opinion of feeling overworked. Sleep works in a miraculous way in that your body can intelligently recover from a deficit relatively quickly. Give yourself a good nights sleep over the weekend to counter some of those city life hours you’re forced to work!

Prioritise tasks

If you have a jammed schedule and to-do list constantly, you’re never switching off. Learn to say no to certain things rather than just adding them to a continuously growing list. Your brain needs a rest now and then and if you’re simply stressed about how much you have to do all the time, you will never reap the benefits of the gym!

Supplement with Fish Oil/Glutamine

A good quality fish oil and glutamine supplement are two of the best forms of immune system protection. Take advantage of these two relatively cheap options! We sell Pure Pharma fish oil at the Fuel Bar, just talk to your coach about the benefits!

Train Hard, recovery harder!