Here are some things I learned from our successful 30-day challenge:

  • Try your best! It will be a bit tough at first because most people are used to the quick carbs they can grab. Plan your snacks!
  • Picking one food (eg, bread, pasta, milk) to remove completely is a great way to cut out foods that could be causing you issues. You can always add things back when you find they are not an issue.
  • I loved ice cream, I could eat a tub of Ben and Jerrys every night. After 30 days of not eating it, I have never returned to eating it like I did before because the way it makes me feel overly bloated and full. 
  • Plan your meals in your head the day before, set a time in your day to make sure you have everything you need for your meals. It is nothing but a waste of time having to go out to get more food just because we were too lazy to stop off the day before.
  • Cheat meals yes or no? I believe if you have a well balanced diet throughout the week slipping in the odd treat will do nothing but keep you sane. If your someone who when they get the taste of sugar can't stop (you know who you are) then cheat meals work. They give you a focus and a time scale to eat well knowing you have something to look forward too. 
  • Try different recipes and new things. The Internet is full of new recipes and ideas. If you managed to find this you can manage to search for creative recipe to test your cooking skills. Don't just try and impress yourself in the gym, impress yourself in the kitchen as well.

Lastly... ENJOY YOUR FOOD! I will try to help the best I can. You can also ask any of the other Coaches as well!