What separates those that thrive at competition from one who disintegrates under pressure? Why is it that some are able to succeed in the face of adversity while others cannot? Why can some resist and disregard negative effect in competition while others let it influence and weaken their competitive performance? What is it that allows athletes to rebound after defeat and personal failure?

Take going for a max lift in class, every lift that you know you can hit went well and then you decided tentatively to add a little extra on the bar.  It's only a little bit, I'll hardly notice.  Then as you approach the bar your heart starts racing, you chalk up, you put your hands on the bar and then it only moves 1/2 an inch of the ground.  Why does this happen??

Many suggest that the answers to these questions lie in the successful development, implementation and continuous maintenance of the concept of Mental Toughness.

Below are some good articles exploring this a little further.