TIPS for nutrition while training

Here are some things I learned from our successful 30-day challenge:

  • Try your best! It will be a bit tough at first because most people are used to the quick carbs...

Preventing CrossFit burnout

So you’ve been hitting it hard recently, everything is going in the right direction, you killed the past few classes and you’ve got the associated gains that go with your hard work...

How do you brace your midline?

Bracing involves contracting both your anterior abdominal muscles and your lower back muscles at the same and bracing like you were about to get punched in the stomach...

Core Stability

Core stability is a term that has become very popular in the world of exercise but what does it actually mean?

Is weightlifting for girls?

I started CrossFit as I felt my fitness had plateaued playing football so I wanted to try something different.  Even though I had been active all my life with swimming and football I had never been to a gym or lifted weights. From the word go I was hooked but what really grabbed my attention was the Olympic lifting side of the training. I eagerly awaited the days that either the ‘Snatch’ or ‘Clean & jerk’ would come up in the strength element of our CrossFit classes to work on my technique and gradually see my lifts increasing in weight.

A lot of people wrongly assume that weightlifting is Bodybuilding, I myself have been asked numerous amounts of times ‘how is your show prep going?’. I usually laugh it off and try to explain to them what I do is not for physique but for functional movement, fitness and long term involvement in sport and physical activity.

Along with these reasons there are also more benefits of choosing weightlifting as a sport or activity. These include :

  • Becoming stronger and healthier
  • Increased energy
  • Improves heart health
  • Sleeping better
  • Increase your self confidence

You are never too old or too young to reap these benefits !

I am conituouslly inspired by strong female role models in CrossFit. Attached is a short documentary on a young Weightlifter/CrossFitter called Lauren Fisher who has represented Team USA in weightlifting and has made it to the CrossFit Games. Lauren is an excellent example how important it is to be involved in sports from a young age and how she has reaped the benefits of CrossFit and Weightlifting.

Mental Toughness

What separates those that thrive at competition from one who disintegrates under pressure? Why is it that some are able to succeed in the face of adversity while others cannot? Why can some resist and disregard negative effect in competition while others let it influence and weaken their competitive performance? What is it that allows athletes to rebound after defeat and personal failure?

Take going for a max lift in class, every lift that you know you can hit went well and then you decided tentatively to add a little extra on the bar.  It's only a little bit, I'll hardly notice.  Then as you approach the bar your heart starts racing, you chalk up, you put your hands on the bar and then it only moves 1/2 an inch of the ground.  Why does this happen??

Many suggest that the answers to these questions lie in the successful development, implementation and continuous maintenance of the concept of Mental Toughness.

Below are some good articles exploring this a little further.

Fixing the Split Jerk Part 2 - Foot work

The receiving position of the split jerk can cause lots of problems, from not moving quickly enough, to going too narrow or too wide with the feet...